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Do you get everything from your data?


Compass is a web-based platform for analysis and publication. Survey data can be displayed online in a web portal, thanks to the user-defined pivoting, benchmarking and extensive user-management.


Our Promise

Survalyzer stands for innovative Online Survey Solutions. Therefore, we always rely on new technologies, listen to our clients, and consistently challenge our solutions. Do you have an innovative idea for the development or analysis of online surveys? Then tell us about it.

Case Study: SSI

The Dr. Pascal Sieber & Partners AG develops, among others, the Swiss Software Industry Index (SSII), the business barometer of the Swiss Software Industry. A year ago we changed to the Survey Collector Software because we gained alternatives for the implementation of this retake study, such as management of the panel or overlap of previous results, for an attractive price.

Norman Briner, Business Management
Dr. Pascal Sieber & Partners

Case Study: Panel supplier

As an Online Access Panel supplier we conduct hundreds of online surveys per year and have, therefore, searched for the most innovative software supplier of the German speaking market. Through Collector's innovative question types, we could offer additional research methods to our clients, with which we could clearly make a difference inside the dense online panel competition of the German market. 

Markus Ilhan, Head of Market Research
jomondo research