About us

Survalyzer is a software provider for data collection, data analysis and data visualization in the online survey area.

About Survalyzer

Survalyzer develops innovative software products. Innovation is the driving force for progress, and we want to optimize the existing processes through innovation and create new opportunities in data collection and data analysis.
Innovation is only possible if people are willing to question existing products, to invest in new products and to question the already developed anew.
Our customers who have already implanted Survalyzer’s innovation within their own work processes, including market research organizations, academic institutions and various public institutions.

Survalyzer Management

Christian Hyka
  • Executive Management
  • Key Account Management
  • Business Development

Degree in Business Informatics at the University of Zurich

+41 44 276 47 42
+41 76 316 22 77


Benjamin Lutz
Chief Technology Officer
  • Product Management
  • Operational Management
  • Key Account Management

Certified in Project Management and Enterprise Architecture

+41 44 276 47 40
+41 76 459 05 80


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We protect your data >>
Survalyzer is aware of the importance of optimal data security and establishes adequate security measures. We use your email address to create your protected survey account and to communicate with you. The property concerning your personal data as well as all survey data raised by the Survalyzer is down exclusively to the user. If you have any questions related to data protection please contact our data security officer: compliance@survalyzer.com