Survalyzer delivers you answers of tomorrow.

The Survalyzer Next Generation survey and analytics platform is preferably used by market researchers, governmental organizations, institutions and enterprises for conducting high quality surveys, reaching their target group through multiple channels, gaining the desired insights by the powerful analytics solution and generating unmatched reports in all common Microsoft Office formats.

Integrated platform that suits your needs

Data Collection

Create your questionnaire the way you want it without compromises, with pixel-perfect implementation of your corporate identity, unparalleled possibilities in calculation and filtering as well as customizable high-end question types such as Implicit Association, Matrix, Semantic Differential or Net Promoter Score.

Participant Management

Manage your participants via Excel import, with the administration interface or let your participants maintain their data themselves in a tailored portal. With Survalyzer, all options are available for you.

Analytic Insights

Create reports for your collected data, segment it and choose from an extensive collection of display options for charts and tables. Structure the report into different pages and create an intuitive navigation structure with just a few clicks.

Why customers trust Survalyzer

Survalyzer ranks first, with five out of six possible medals, among corporate market researchers.

Unlike many other companies we are externally audited twice a year in terms of information and data security. First by an accredited ISO-27001 auditor, and second by an external security company which conduct a penetration test.

With our datacenters in Zürich for our Swiss customers and in Amsterdam for our customers within the European Union, we guarantee that data doesn’t leave the chosen legal area.

Trusted by leading companies