Revolutionise your panel management with Smart Sampling

Whether it’s Smart Sampling Cloud, Smart Sampling Incentive or Smart Sampling Share.

With Smart Sampling, you get three extremely powerful features that revolutionise your panel management and increase your productivity.

Smart Sampling functions

Real-time panel creation with the Smart Sampling Cloud

Consult your panel about costs and feasibility directly from the software, in real time, and appoint it in real time, too.

Incentive sampling integration

Easily create and manage incentives or bonus programs and credit points to panel members.

Easy sharing with Smart Sampling Share

Share participant groups and samples with your colleagues, or share approvals for surveys.

Smart Sampling Cloud Cost and feasibility in real time

Directly integrating the global leader in panels and the integration with Survalyzer enables you to reach your target group in just a few minutes.

The panel can be consulted about costs and feasibility and appointed directly within the software in real time. 2000 different combinable attributes are available: a milestone in professional market research.

Smart Sampling Incentive Panel growth through bonus programs

Survalyzer makes managing incentives or bonus programmes and crediting points to panel members easy. This professionally supports the creation of your own panel with very high response rates. Survalyzer now allows you to manage incentives and bonus programmes for customer surveys and to build self-registration portals. Your panel will grow by itself.

Smart Sampling Share Sharing samples and participant groups

Share samples and groups of participants with your colleagues. As a panel administrator, you can now create individual samples from your panels in Survalyzer, and share them with colleagues for their own surveys.

This enables each department to address the correct audience.

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