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The following examples illustrate a variety of different case studies. These should give you an initial impression of the scope of the functionality offered by Survalyzer.

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Multifunctional dashboards

NPS Promoter Score Dashboard

Survalyzer's NPS dashboard solutions enable you to visualize key business metrics in a flexible, engaging and real-time way. This allows companies to keep track of the quality of products and services at all times.

Consultant evaluation dashboard

The Survalyzer consultant evaluation dashboard visualizes the measurement of service quality in an appealing manner based on company-specific metrics for consultants / service employees and management.

Team barometer dashboard

The Survalyzer team barometer dashboard visualizes the company-wide employee satisfaction surveys and distributes them to colleagues via PDF export in their own corporate design and customization.


With the Survalyzer HR Onboarding Dashboard you can create transparency in terms of integrating new employees, allowing you to react to problems in real time and significantly increase your attractiveness as an employer.

Touchpoint dashboard

The flexible architecture and almost limitless ability to implement charts and graphs make it easy to implement complex evaluations based on touchpoints in the Survalyzer dashboard solution. Target and threshold values can be defined in the administration interface with just a few clicks.

Example applications

Different question types

In Survalyzer, you can choose from a variety of different question types. For each question type, the rich-text editor is available in both the question text and the answer options, so you can add images, spreadsheets and lists without needing any programming knowledge.

Questionnaire with filter options

With jumps and filters, it is possible to display only questions that are relevant to the respondent. The Survalyzer filter concept allows you to apply filters at the sections, questions and answer option levels.

Questionnaires in your corporate look

Surveys always leave a lasting impression on your customers. For all our customers, we create at least one tailor-made HTML template that’s perfectly adapted to their corporate design. Exports can also be created in the corporate look.

Multilingual questionnaires

In Survalyzer, you can easily create any survey in multiple languages. Over 50 languages are available. Translating questionnaires into other target languages is easy via an import function, and, in future, this will also be possible via a direct interface to a translation service provider.

Consultation Feedback

If you want to improve your service quality as a company, getting feedback immediately after you provide the service is essential. In Survalyzer you can place the surveys touch-based and visualize them in a consolidated dashboard.

Employee satisfaction

Employees are the greatest asset of the company, and getting feedback on employee satisfaction regularly is a matter of course for most HR departments. With Survalyzer, you will be able to interview employees to promptly respond to problems.

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